Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Hey guys! Welcome to my first ever blog, please bare with me because I have no idea what to do here.  So what I plan to do on my blog is show you how to do your own nail art, it honestly is so easy, all you need is the 3 P's . . . Practise, Patience and Products :) I am not trained in nails or an artist, just a pretty creative person who gets bored of my nails really quickly and love to have something different. 

My nails are my own with acrylic over the top of them, I go to an amazing nail technician about once a month or a little more, as once my nails start to grow out a little i start nail arting them :) Remember though nail art can be done on any nails, they dont need to be fake, acrylic covered or really long.

Today as I am just starting out and have recently just painted my nails I will show you the first technique I'm going to show you on my next blog.

Lepoard Print

This is the 'typical' lepoard print, I'll now upload pictures of it on my toes, my little cousins toes and in different colours . . .  

My toes

My little cousin's toes

My little cousin's nails

Orange and purple lepoard print

Colour on colour lepoard print

I hope you like some of the examples I have posted above.  Next time I will show you the basics of how to do these yourself and the essential products I always use.  Thank you for reading and I will be back soon.  Also feel free to comment any questions, ideas or nail art you'd like to see. 

Zane xx

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